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Advertise on Seattle Weekly's Happy Hours app

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    Targets decision makers
    Reach people who are making a decision on where to eat/drink
  • 2
    Engages people with money to spend
    Mobile advertising reaches people with Smartphones who have a higher than average income
  • 3
    Influences a group
    Users are typically making a decision on behalf of a small group of friends
  • 4
    Reaches a large # of existing mobile users
    Thousands of people use the app in Seattle each month

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What our advertisers are saying

  • "The app helped us get the word out about our new Happy Hour and we saw a noticeable increase in our foot traffic."
    Dustin, Manager, Talarico's
  • "We signed up as a featured venue for 4 months. The first night it went up, we had people come in off the app!"
    Chris, Owner, Zocalo Cafe
  • "Targeting customers who are visiting from other cities can be difficult, but happy hours mobile allowed me to access this audience..."
    Jason, Owner, Baltic Room
  • “The happy hours app makes it really easy for new guests to find us. It’s a great way to target customers.”
    Paul, Owner, Tap House Grill

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